23 November 2010

Political Marketing: Burkahs vs. Nudes & the TSA

Someone should really tell the TSA about this campaign going on in Switzerland!  Visual imagery certainly is a very powerful tool when used in the right ways.  If the TSA was trying to prevent terrorisim, perhaps all they would need to do is post a few of these campaign posters in airports around the country.  Then again, I'm sure some religious zealot will be offended by the naked women, or the tacky portrayal of women in Burkahs.  Oh well, tough noggies! 

Obviously the Swiss People's Party (SVP) get's "it."  They realize the infestation amongst their country by criminals and terrorists of foreign nationality (and citizenship) and they are attempting to show just what could happen to their country if they let the radical Islamofascists legislate their morality.  Certainly, it is a drastic and dramatic portrayal of the consequences of inaction, but as we see here in the USA, drastic and extreme are now the new normal.  Further, it goes to show that if other nations are willing to control their own border, why isn't that part of our comprehensive, homeland and airport security initiative? 

Extending this thought process to our TSA friends and their new groping protocols, we are left to ask just how are we willing to defend our freedoms?  It's plainly evident that we have no freedom of mobility anymore, because submitting to molestation is now a condition of free travel.  Kudos terrorists, you win, we lose!  So where does this leave us?

Currently, as many have written, we are forced to waive our rights as Americans and falsely trade our freedom for the illusion of security.  Some reports have even proposed going the biometrics route for pilots and frequent fliers on an ID card, which would be yet another feeble and costly failure to better control the traveling public.  If hackers and terrorists can scan, hack, and clone RFID Passports as of four years ago, what makes us think another piece of paper and silicon will make us more protected?  Short answer, it won't. 

As any good security consultant will tell you, metal detectors, millimeter wave scanners, and pat downs are all passive or reactive counter measures to highly motivated people.  Focusing our efforts on looking for the device rules out perhaps the most dangerous weapon in the terrorism game; the human mind.  While following the various talking heads and blogs for the last week, it isn't hard to hear the term Israelification.  It's a simple strategy really, and relies heavily upon deception detection, and get this, looking into the thoughts and actions of other humans.  The main piece of intel that our TSA fails to collect, the Israelis focus nearly all of their resources upon, and all without touching people's junk

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