22 November 2010

QOTD: F#(% You! I'm Irish!

God bless the Irish!  Bunch of drunk, take no bullshit, hard asses!  If more political discourse was of this nature, maybe we would actually see more progress! 

From (of course) Zero Hedge comes our quote of the day.
A year ago Irish Green Party politician Paul Nicholas Gogarty told Irish Labor Party TD "With all due respect, in the most unparliamentary language; Fuck you, Deputy Stagg, fuck you!... We Are Screwed As A Country Because Of The Wrongdoing Of Others."
As the Tyler Durden relates after the quote, it took them almost a year to prove it, but can the Irish Green Party can say "We told ya so!"  Further, Durden opines:
Now that the "others" have been identified as virtually every UK and German bank, not to mention every insolvent financial institution in the world, and of course, the Fed's banking buddies, one wonders: just how will Ireland respond? Also, when will America finally see one of its pathetic excuses for representatives finally do the right thing and actually speak the truth. InTrade over/under: never. 
Of course, poor Ireland was backed into a corner and forced to take a second bailout without much choice from the EuroZone.  As AK Fan and I discussed earlier today, the European Monetary Unit has never been about openness and unity as much as it has been about controlling the political disagreements amongst the member states.  In good times, the nationalistic pride is easy to forget, but in bad times, the resentment is hard to keep from festering.

In terms of political progress and the hopes of freedom, I certainly wish the Irish people well in their efforts to right their economy and get a handle on the plutocrats who are controlling their country and destiny. 

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  1. I love being Irish...it's great. We're not always hard asses, but our blood is on fire, try not to stoke the flames, please?