11 December 2010

Where Has the Goreacle Gone? Embarasing Facts During Cancun Climate Orgy

Still believe in Goreacle Warming?  Well, sorry to say, but the Goreacle won't save you now.  Seems that your numbers are dwindling in nature according to a new Rasmussen report.  Fourty-one percent of people surveyed still think climate change is due to humans while 47% say, "nun huh" and believe that changes in the climate are just natural phenomena.  In other words, Enviro-Wackos are still out there screaming the "ice caps are melting because of you driving a non-hybrid car or a gas guzzling SUV!" 

Ah, well, not so much  there Al Goreacle.  Seems that glaciers are increasing in size despite climate change.  "Well, I'll be damned!  Ain't never seen articles like that before!"  If that is your reaction, then you better hold on to your hats, because it gets better!  In the ultimate irony, the global warming summit has been wrapped around record lows in the host Mexican city.  See, and these people are the types that probably say God doesn't have a sense of humor.  "Showed you!"   

While there is a moral duty to conserve and protect the environment from pollution and overuse, being scared to live our lives makes global warming cultists no different that your average jihadist.  Using fear to alter people's habits is nothing short of terrorism.  So, to those of you out there still believe climate change global warming is real, perhaps you can invent a way to put up a bunch of mirrors to block the sun and stop the warming.  While you're busy doing that, I'll be over there ------>, drinking a bunch of beer, watching football while leaving my house windows and doors open and the heat on.  I'm sure that makes Al Gore get massages and cry at nights. 

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