14 January 2011

High Cap Mag Legislation & News

No doubt, the whole gun blogosphere is going crazy over Rep McCarthy's draft bill (of course, it's completely asinine, but that's beside the point).

As Sebastian noted, seems that even the Mayor Against Illegal Guns leader, Bloomberg, agrees with us.  Though, that means only police should be allowed to have high cap mags.  Of course, from the unpossible realm of thinking, the police will NEVER over react and over shoot.  Nope, that never happens!  All told, the police fired 41 shots at a fellow officer, some of which were fired after the man was on the ground.  Maybe that means that we should turn this around, and exempt law abiding citizens who use rational and controlled shoot/no shoot analysis and ban the police from having high cap mags.  After all, we don't have liability insurance, a badge, a union, and the law to hide behind.  Funny how the individual is always more responsible than the collective. 

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