14 January 2011


I hereby make it known that I am placing a contract upon all Lane & Monte Kiffin Bobble Heads!  Though, this is not your normal contract killing, since it's a you pay me (or well, someone should pay Frontier Firearms) for the rights to take aim and blow apart any and all Lane and Monte Kiffin Bobble Head Dolls (only).  (Actual shooting of Lane and Monte Kiffin is 404FORBIDDEN, void where prohibited, some exclusions may apply)!

College football is big business in the South, especially when it's the SEC.  Factor in a guy who followed a legend, only to run out of town after a year to coach at his "dream job," along with said bobble heads, and you have the makings for a great fundraiser.  Of course, the recipient of said fundraiser was all for the money, before they were against it after Saturday's AZ Shooting.

Is society really this touchy, that a charity event that is meant to be humorous and supportive of a good cause can't be associated with anything that is "boyishly destructive" in nature?  I mean, come on now!  Are we really this reactionary that a foundation doesn't have the stones to say "Yeah, we'll still support you, even after last weekend."  How many videos are on YouTube of people shooting iPads or iPhones or other crazy stuff?  Hell, we have a whole TV show that is predicated on blowing or shooting shit up in the name of science!

It's simply dumb guy humor, and a good way to support a good cause!  I'm happy to report that Frontier Firearms still plans on holding the event, even if the charity doesn't want to take their money.  Hopefully, someone here who has a charity w/ needs will take the money, but if not, perhaps our good friends in the state of Tennessee can make a charitable contribution to either the Second Amendment Foundation or the NRA.  At least, we know they'd appreciate the manliness and charity of the event!

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