12 January 2011

QOTD: Congressmen Aren't a Civil Right

Obviously there has been a lot of talk about the proposed 1000' law and just how stupid an idea that this law would be.
I'd like to propose we turn that around since owning a gun is a civil and fundamental right, where as being a Congressman isn't a fundamental right.  I propose we ban Congressmen from being within 1000 feet of any gun or anyone carrying a gun.
Ahhhh, the wisdom of AKFan.  Always good for a noble idea!

I am certain that some anti would read this and say that this quote is ass backwards in thinking.  In reality, it is brilliant!  Yes, government is a necessary evil and is chartered in our Constitution, but an individual is not Constitutionally guaranteed the right to be a member of congress, SCOTUS, or TOTUS POTUS.  Certainly, those positions are enumerated in the Constitution and certain requirements are imposed to safeguard the honor and integrity of the various institutions, but no rights (natural or enumerated, civil or otherwise) are conferred upon the people who hold those offices.  Rights are enumerated (not conferred) to ALL Americans.  

After all, our elected representatives are suppose to be our government "For, by and of the people."  We in this country do not magically bestow additional rights upon the mortals that govern our country (though they would like to think that they have more rights than those whom they govern).  Thus, the transitive property of rights fails its test in the "equal for all" application.

Then again, this is purely a lesson in theory since equality in government and modern society is completely lost by most politicians.

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