12 January 2011

Is a Modern Day V Emerging?

On Saturday, the disgusting media attack hounds unleashed hell's fury before the bodies were even cold (El Douche extraordinaire Krugman not even 3 hours after the attack).  The blame game flood gates opened up and a relentless torrent of rhetoric and vitriol spewed from noted leftists (named and not named here).  As the saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste, huh?

However, while the disgusting acts have been covered ad nauseum from a political fall out perspective, little coverage has been given by both pundit and factual media from both sides here in the US.   I've had to resort to the actual reporting that we get across the pound to find out that Loughner may not be able to plead insanity, or that he was urged to seek help numerous times.  Instead, the standard of double standard has reared it's ugly head.  Vitriol spewed from the left before any amount of shock could even be determined.  Those actions in and of themselves are inhuman in nature, showing that batnuts of control will stop at nothing to progress on their way towards completely power.

I linked this article yesterday in the QOTD but did not discuss it.  Hopefully some of you clicked through and read it, but if not, please take the time to do so.  The movie V for Vendetta is quite a righteous movie.  As Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform penned, the movie is appropriate because of the plot line.  A tyrannical government was created at the behest of the populace because a time of fear and uncertainty had surrounded the citizenry of England, and one person promised order, but an order without liberty.  Censure of discourse is a repeating theme throughout the movie.  So too is abuse of power by public officials.  Obviously, what occurs is one heroic, or lunatic depending upon your viewpoint, decides to stand up to the corrupt tyrants and blow up buildings in hopes of inciting a revolution.  Of course, management doesn't appreciate such defiance and brutally attempts to maintain "civil order."

While the debate over "blood liable" continues, what does it mean for us average citizens?  Giordano Bruno of Neithercorp Press says, "nothing changes."  Like myself, and many other average Joe bloggers, Giordano thinks that the liberty movement sees the corruption in the system much like the Character V from the movie.  While the scare tactics of the left may have well worked a decade ago, people are more attuned to their government, the news, and the interaction with their daily lives.  Are we to the point where the leftist hate will disappear or diminish?  Not in the slightest.  A cornered dog will bite back twice as hard, and their organization is always far better than those of us in the grassroots' arena (after all, that is their collectivist, bureaucratic nature). 

While I, and the above authors, do not advocate for violence in anyway, there seems to be a breaking point dynamic developing in the United States.  Many people realize there is something wrong, that they have been lied to, repeatedly, and feel as though something needs to be done.  Many of us rightly believe the political process does work, but unfortunately isolated and singular instances of violence will never, ever be completely stopped, and in fact worse if under a totalitarian system.  Myself and others know that we will never give in, and hence why quite the lot of us have been hitting back (and hard) against the disgusting thuggish actions that commenced Saturday.

So where does this leave us and where are we going?  Opinion polling shows the good guys hold the lead, for now.  While we need to maintain the lead, we can't rest on our laurels.  Our ideas ALWAYS win, when a person looks at them with an open mind and heart.  After all, our founders believed in natural rights and the individual.  They lost friends and family to make those beliefs a reality.  In short, we shall  keep fighting the establishment of big media and perverted politics in an effort to secure as much personal freedom and responsibility as possible.  After all, that is truly the American "Shining Beacon Upon the Hill."

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