11 January 2011

QOTD: Equality of the Charges (or Law)

Back in the saddle here, and sorry I've had an extended layoff of meaningful posts. 

While the MSM, Dino-Media is focusing on the blame game, I've been busy looking at things from the average citizens' perspective.  You know, just your friendly neighborhood blogger (and gun owner) here.  So, it should come as no surprise that ZeroHedge has some interesting coverage of this story (here and here).

From the latter link, it is interesting see that the charges against the shooter lack at least one charge of domestic terrorism.
It's also worth pointing out that there has yet to be a domestic terrorist who has a motive that has surpassed his fame. Or a terrorist for that matter: the idea is almost moot. When one becomes a puppet of the news, they necessarily give up their ideals: they're reduced to their actions. That, again, is something people in an actionist community should think about.
While it is clear that the actions of this madman were indeed, simply mad, at what point does a US District Attorney invoke the use of a "domestic" (or even just regular) terrorism charge.  As those of us in the mainstream (note usage) should come to realize, anyone of us could theoretically be charged with some form of "terrorism" when the law is loosely defined and broadly enforced.  (Let me specifically give credit to Sacrilege for that prior sentence).  It is so appalling at how far removed from limited government we have come that within this tragedy there is a prime example of our country's downward trajectory.  Here is an almost pure, terrorist act, yet the DA's don't even bother to file the charge.  Why then is the law even in existence?  What would invoke its usage? 

There are several things that the lack of this charge should tell us about our country.  First, domestic terrorism is nothing more than an everyday crime when it is reflected upon.  Loonies committing mass murders involving elected officials and appointed judges (or even 9 year old children)  should have been a prime area for a DT charge yet it wasn't reflected in the indictment.  Second, a bad and broad law can be used to level charges against those whom don't qualify to "know" the true charges against them.  Simply put, when there are not enough political enemies of the state, obscure and bad laws that people are guaranteed to violate will create more criminals, thus inducing a perpetual state of fear and control.  Hey, you have to have some way around those pesky fourth and fifth amendment rights now don't you?  Finally, if a charge of terrorism had been levied against the shooter, the politicization of the even would have to stop immediately.  After all, the WOT is the only true bi-partisan issue left in this country.  Of course, bringing that charge would not be very conducive to the future political career (either elected or appointed) of the US District Attorney who will be handling the prosecution of this case. 

So, yes, as the author Sacrilege from ZH stated rather well, the media is nothing more than the puppets of our ruling class and the overall agenda.  Jared Loughner is just one willing pawn who was mentally incapacitated to the point that he did not know any better, and played along perfectly with the game that is now manifesting itself.

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