21 January 2011

Socialist Utopia: School Admins Create Soft Citizens

While this kind of reaction is expected in the UK, it is highly disgusting here in the USA! 

Seriously?  Giving a child detention for making a "gun gesture?"  It is utter rubbish!  I speak from personal experience as a kid who grew up with BB guns and air pistols at an early age as well has a pair of "six shooter" cap guns, replete with their own cheesy leather holsters and cowboy hat.  I was taught the difference between what was real (bb guns and true firearms that could hurt and maim people) as well as what was pretend (the cap guns and eventually Nerf products). 

The question is, what lesson does a seven year old learn when they are given detention for making their thumb and index finger into the infamous shape of a gun?

I propose that from now on, this become the standard way that all citizens in the United States shall point at anything.  Signs, products on the shelve, or stupid people in the education system.  Perhaps they will attempt to ban us from making this pointing gesture because it makes their willy nilly go all invert and change orientation?  Who cares!

The point here is that attempting to create an environment where aggression is punished and pacifism is rewarded only works to breakdown the civil and self reliant society.  When we see stories such as these, it only confirms our thoughts that leftists exist inside the halls of academia. 

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