21 January 2011

Trump: China can Foxtrot October!

Well, ok, he didn't exactly say that China can F'off.  However, using business language and "off the record" sovereign trade talk speak, he did.  Finally, an American businessman and potential leader that has the balls to actually say what most mainstream Americans think.

This clip is from a phone interview on CNBC's Larry Kudlow & Company's show earlier this week.  If you have ten minutes, it is highly worth the time to watch The Donald explain what he would do to solve the manipulative Red Chinese's trade practices.  Additionally, Kudlow pushes at Trump to see if he might be a contender for the 2012 Presidential race.  Seems that he might have a contract conflict with a certain show that will prevent him from saying yes until later this year. 

Of course, I'm already on record as saying he'd have my support.  Watch the vid, it's worth the listen. 

H/T to AK Fan, of course. 

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