25 March 2011

Fed, FedGov Budget, Purchase Power of the Dollar: Three Things that Need Fixing

Yesterday I read this detailing two major things (discounting the The Mogambo Guru ranting style).  First, the value of the dollar today, is less than what a quarter dollar would purchase 40 years ago in 1971.  Second, the US government spent a cumulative $15 billion from 1789 until 1900 (not adjusting for inflation, but you see the idea).

Yikes!  Those are small numbers when compared to today's debt.  Running the numbers, you get roughly .11% of the current country debt, was accumulated in the first 100 years of the Republic.  YOWSA!

Which leads me to this posting over at BigGovernment.com, which details the history of money in the first of a several part series. 

Click through, watch the video, get educated, and I'll post up the next part of the series when I see it.

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