25 March 2011

USA Screwed & FedGov Budget

Next time you debate someone on military spending versus entitlement programs and how the former instead of the latter is bankrupting us, make sure they see this chart.

Yep, that's right, 58% of all Tax Revenue AND federal borrowings go to fund social security, medicare/medicaid, and unemployment insurance / other entitlements.  Defense, a mere 20% of the total budget (or roughly $700 billion) amounts to only 32% of total tax revenues.  This shows that defense spending, though large and impressive and still as much or more than all other countries' combined spending, is NOT a large number when compared to social programs.  Defense budget moaners and code pink members please take note that building planes, manning ships, and fighting foreign wars of aggression would be fully funded and met without sending us further into debt all by itself.  Unfortunately propping up failing social programs that rely upon an ever growing society just can't make that argument.  Further, this graphic shows just how large and damaging Obama's budget deficits truly are.

Once the morons whom get this education via these pie charts, I urge them to take the full crash course found here (or here).

Last, just for the record to all those enviro-wackos out there...please realize that since you champion reduced populations the world over, you need to make a sacrifice of a reduction in people or a reduction in welfare.  Returning to a popular theme around the globe, It's ALL ABOUT Demo(graphic)s!  The USA currently produces about 2.1 children per adult, which is the bare minimum for population growth.  (Actually, it is the threshold for population maintenance / growth).  Since most of the social programs are funded via taking revenues from working and young people (those paying into the system), an aging and or stagnant population trend turns the traditional pyramid scheme upside down (since the tax base will be the same at best or declining at worst).  

Obama has gotten one thing of his presidency right, he has certainly brought us change.

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