05 March 2011

Please Dear God, Find Us a REAL Candidate for 2012!

Instead of this kind of candidate!  Really Huckster?  I mean, I have no problem with you being the next nominee and all, provided you stop preaching your holly bible crap!  (Okay, that is an absolutely, totally loaded statement).

Look, I'm as spiritual as the next person, but the whole my rights stop at your door step has got to start applying to the Federal Government and politicians in general.  I mean, Hollyweird is just that; F'in weird!  Don't want them to have more attention than they already garner?  Then don't talk about them which will certainly draw attention to them!  Besides, it doesn't help when it's on a topic that average Americans (your's truly) just don't GIVE A SHIT ABOUT!  (sorry for being ranty). 

I swear, politicians are just as bad as teachers!  They try to instruct upon which they do not know.  (No offense to the good teachers who actually don't just play in the system and do their jobs).  I honestly think that the born again's are attempt to preach in the public's eye and judge others really don't get the whole individual freedom or Thou Shall Not Judge mantra. 

Besides Huckster, keep your nose out of Queen Amidala's business! 

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