05 March 2011

Toops Deserve Beer!

A renewed push to drop the drinking age down to 18 for military members. 

Works for me.  Old enough to die for one's country should mean you are old enough to consume adult beverages.  If adult hood legally starts at age 18, shall not that be the legal age for all non-minor child freedom? 


  1. Word.

    Once upon a time ago, the drinking age in Maryland was 18. It doesn't make sense to me that they changed it.

  2. Equal protection. If you're gonna make it 18 make it 18 for everyone.

    And yes, it used to be 18, then the Feds threatened the states by threatening to pull funding for interstate highways.

  3. Agreed, and implied in the question to close the post. (Even if that was not entirely clear).