15 April 2011

Finance Friday Blitz, Coming Today

Well, actually, a ton of posts period coming.  Like Uncle, sometimes we need a break.  My problem is, I need a break, plus I go through info overload. 

Google reader feeds stack up, get skimmed, sped read, and the interesting ones usually end up here to be blogged, discussed, or opined upon.  That doesn't always happen at the first part of the month because of the accounting cycle.  It's one of the reasons that when Foxtrot Uniform asked to write his "OpEd," I just offered him the chance to be a regular contributor (hopefully plugging in some gaps here and there when he has interest and time).

At any rate, as things come to a slower rate in the final 1/2 or 1/3 of the month, I tend to put out more work.  So now you understand if things get a bit backed up and not written as much as they should. 

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