27 May 2011

Discrediting the Fed

Mark Steyn (self proclaimed undocumented anchor man as a fill for Limbaugh, and author of America Alone) had an excellent editorial on the Fed, the beltway mantra, and the policy impact upon an accelerating collapse of the US economy.  Also, he throws in a simple man's essay of explaining the debt ceiling debate.

What spurns Steyn's article?  It seems as though some of the beltway baboons (no offense to baboons) take great offense to the members of congress whom refuse to do the bidding of the Turbo Tax Timmy and the Bernake's ologarch orders.  Those reps in congress are "financial terrorists," according to some hack from the Bush 1 admin:
The people who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling,” he said, “are our version of al-Qaeda terrorists. Really."
I guess that makes over 70% of the American people financial terrorists since they don't support a debt ceiling increase?  AWESOME!  I've always wanted to be on a government list! 

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