27 May 2011

This Author is a Slacker!

Yes dear reader, I've been a major slacker.  I was in a writing mood a few weeks ago, and then blogger decided to go Tango Uniform and eat posts...(DAMN YOU GOOGLE SKYNETS!).

So, that said, I spent some time last night getting some posts in order and they'll be going up in small releases...some stuff is dated, some stuff is new and recent.  Don't like that I'm late on discussing stuff?  Well...entertain yourself here. (Joking of course).

No dear reader, I hope you understand, I am mostly a one man show.  Sometimes, burnout happens.  I envy those other bloggers I read and follow that are able to put in effort day in a day out.  So thanks for sticking with me here and there, and for your patience. 

1 comment:

  1. You're also a newbie to the blogging "thing" - most of us have been doing this awhile.