29 October 2010

Blog Focusing; Finance Friday Segment

Hello there dear readers.  I know that my blog started off like a hell storm and has now slowly turned into a bore.  Part of that has been work restrictions, another part life, and another part a lack of motivation to come up with edgy, witty, and interesting material.  Needless to say, blogging isn't easy. 

So, consider this an open thread, partially.  I am still going to cover conservative issues, slices of life, and of course guns and gun rights, and the occasional corrupt Maryland politics.  But I am going to start breaking down the week a little bit and focusing on some specific topics for each day.  Fridays, just happen to lend themselves well to finance due not only to the catchy sounding "Finance Friday," but also because of the data that usually comes out on this day of the week. 

As always, I am always open to suggestions.  So if you have recommendations for articles to read, headlines to write and critique, and or other ideas for daily focus, I will gladly take note and try and see how it mixes in with the blog. 

As always thanks for reading. 

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