29 October 2010

State Tax Climate: Where's Your State Rank?

If you're in my state of Marylandstan, we rank 44th over all!  A breakdown between sales tax and personal income tax shows there is a vast disparity between the two methods of taxation.  My state has a fairly decent sales tax ranking of No. 11 but the disgusting, punitive income tax rank of 49th is only one away from worst!  Further still, the study from the Tax Foundation for 2011 fiscal year says we've gone from 25th to 44th in the course of 5 short fiscal years. 

Before someone shouts that one of those year's was under the leadership of Bob Ehrlich, you are correct, it is!  And he left us @ number 25 in the country.  Not the worst, not the best, we were average.  Something to be happy with in life.  However, under the dictatorship of Martin Owe'Malley, we've flunked to 44th!  The 12th percentile of success where 100% is the best! 

I am not sure why anyone in their right mind would vote for someone that has effectively run us into the ground from average to a miserable fail in four short years, but then again, that is the Maryland voter. 

Tuesday my friends!  Tuesday!  Vote early and often! 

1 comment:

  1. i think part of the problem is the majority of voters in Maryland only voted for a pretty face...in fact, i can name a handful of EDUCATED individuals who did just that.

    it sickens me.