29 October 2010

QE 2 & Monetary Treason; A Tale of a Banking Coup

We find ourselves roughly 96 hours away from the close of the polls on potentially the biggest election of our lives.  Unfortunately, we also find ourselves roughly 110 hours away from the biggest announcement the Federal Reserve has ever made.  The perverse part is, the results of Tuesday will largely be outweighed by the actions that the Banking Cartel takes starting on Wednesday.  The Banking Coup of the United States that will start with the QE2 on Wednesday will make South American military coups look like bake sale fundraisers by comparison.  So continues the tail of our decline.  

If you’ve been reading and following along, we have been talking about a lot of financial items over the course of the last week.  Hopefully my readership has picked up on the feed burner known as Zero Hedge and has been reading their raw and unfiltered reality that is our crackerjack economy.  So it should come as no surprise that Helicopter Ben’s Federal Reserve has ceded all of its authority to the primary dealers of market securities.  Effectively, the Fed is dead, and Zero Hedge isn’t the only one to opine (though not so openly) as to the conclusion of these un-Constitutional facts.  

Are we in the early stages of a USA, Weimar Republic?  Considering Congress has failed to do its Constitutional duty for the last 80+ years and regulate monetary policy and our currency, the writing appears to be on the wall.  I am pretty sure that Thomas Jefferson warned us in the early years of our country that a Central Bank’s singular control of the money supply was more dangerous to freedom and our republic than any foreign enemy could ever become.  What would he have said about an all out banking coup?  The primary dealers telling the Fed, directly, how much money to print and pump is the kind of action that we would expect to see in Zimbabwe and other banana republics, not the United States! 

Is this the story of our demise?  Rich Wall Street shysters make their shills at the Federal Reserve print up worthless paper in an effort to absolutely destroy the democracy by entrenching the people in a perilous fight for bare necessities as they sky rocket in price and continue to pile up a mountain of sovereign debt?  If your eyes are shut, then the answer is no, but to those whose eyes are open, it isn’t hard to see why it is important to cast your ballot for freedom on Tuesday.  Is it our only shot at saving our way of life?  Potentially not, but it could be the last, so why take the chance?

So, this weekend, as we go from undecided to the polls, research, think, examine critically, and then swear to yourself, your family, your friends and most importantly, future generations, that we cannot maintain this course of print, pump, spend, and fail.  Promise to be ever vigilant, wherever and however in the education process of our youth, our spouses, our parents and others ignorant of history and the money meddlers.  It is a track that has been tried centuries over and is a failure that is timeless. 

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