08 March 2011

Full of WIN! Goreacle Designs Stink Making Devices for City of San Fran

While most of us here understand the law of unintended consequences, politicians, green-warriors, and environmental-wackos, don't. 

Thus, it is with great amusement I draw your attention to this article which reports that there is a stench wafting above the streets of San Fransisco during the summer months.  The ode to odor is apparently owed to that of an improperly functioning sewer system.  Somewhere in that statement there is a great story of irony.  Oh, wait, there is!

Yes, it would appear that in their attempt to "conserve" water (a naturally renewable, and harmless resource), the City of San Fran has decided to subsidize the purchase of low flow toilets.  Obviously, if the government subsidizes something that means that it has stopped moving, but for this instance it's really the shit that has stopped moving.  Without the lack of flow, raw, physical sewage is building up in the gravity and flow fed sewer systems where the waste is decomposing instead making its preferred final destination at treatment plants.  While the citizens of the city suffer from the skunky smell, the environmentally forward thinking (read ass backwards leftists) have found it is an easy problem to fix.  The solution?  Bleach.  Yep, you guessed it, BLEACH!

So, let me get this straight?  A city tries to "conserve" the "scarce" resource of water only to have now created a crisis of sewage stench?  (Of course this is a multiplied self created crisis that only California could achieve).  Instead of reversing the policy and undoing the cause of problem, those in charge of the sewer system thought it was more appropriate to dump about 8.5 million pounds of bleach into a system which ultimately discharges back to the resource that feeds it?  Que the Guinness Guys!

I'm sure you could imagine my laughter today as I read this along with the comments which were very amusing (your author going by a familiar name of WheresPatton).  Unfortunately for the citizens of USA, the diseases of California tend to spread to other parts of the country, which make for a double irony of sorts.  Let us hope that these failed policies will not traverse to my city of Baltimore.  Although, considering we get abundant spring rains that purge the system into the inner harbor every once in a while, I guess we shouldn't be to concerned over the smell.  The toilets and politicians on the other hand, well, that's still up in the air. 

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