08 March 2011

Mmmmmmm Beer!

The question is, how good is 200+ year old beer?  Surprisingly, it's not that bad when it's been dredged up from a ship wreck in the cold waters of 165+ feet deep.

Either way, trying to find flavors from earlier periods of history is intriguingly awesome.  With today's micro (and even macro/micro brewing) evolving into new territories, it would be interesting to see how a reverse brewed beer would stack up against some of the best bottles out there right now. 

In the end, I guess they could just call this beer "skunk sunk."  (That idea is mine by the way, all right's and money whoring reserved).  (BTW:  Yes, I know this article is a month old tomorrow, I've been a severe slacker). 

1 comment:

  1. Dude, I'm all in on this. You know how I love my craft beer ;)