28 May 2011

QOTD Double Bonus: Freebie Love!

Yeah!  It's happy brown truck of joy day!  Your mount goes out today!  I'll send you a tracking number when I get it out.
Freebies are awesome!  Especially when it comes out of a semi-bet with an upstart company.  More on the back story after the introduction.

That company is RS Regulate; a new accessory manufacture for AK variant firearms (and what ever else comes from the upstart).  So, shipping out to me today is the RS AKM, side rail mount that accepts 30mm optical red dots while also allowing for the optic to be centered over the bore, AND provide a lower 1/3 co-witness of the factory irons!  How bad assness is that?!

I've followed this product's development for approximately 5 months now, and when designer / company owner made me a bet that he'd have this mount on the market for my February birthday, or my first was on him, he certainly pulled through.  When a company believes in its product so much before the end user ever gets to put their hands on it, it says a lot!  I can wait to get this thing in my hands, and mounted up!

So, mad props go out to RS Regulate!  You can find their products shipping from AIM Surplus or Brownells.  If you want the development stuff, check out this thread on ARFCOM.

Author's Note:  As I mentioned here I've been slacking and I have actually received my mount.  I'm hoping to get it installed this weekend and get it sighted in and shoot some with it.  Hopefully I'll even get some pictures and an initial review.  I must apologize to RS Regulate's owner for being a bit back logged.  He has been nothing but "all world" when we first started conversing.  Had he not been true to his word, I would have been shelling out the cash for this product myself as it seems true to the AK design; simple, effective, and rugged.  I'll keep you readers posted with initial impressions and round counts.  

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