02 June 2011

Hot Damn, THIS GUY for MD's US Senate Seat!

This guy doesn't sound like a politician.  He even comes from an agency that frowns upon anyone looking to make the leap to politics quickly after retirement. 

That is exactly what Daniel Bongion is planning upon doing, and hopefully taking and smacking the snot out of sitting Senator Cardin.  Anyone has to be better than someone who votes with his party 99% of the time (no lie). 

I have to wonder though, how a former Secrete Service member would do in the political arena, knowing a lot of the players and having to been "absently minded" ignorant of the discussions that occurred in front of them.  I guess that is why the agency dislikes people leaving and heading straight into politics, as they don't want the "ugly" to be used against their opponents. 

Like the Col. Cooper has stated...
If you're in a fair fight, your tactics suck. 
Hopefully Mr. Gongion will consider using better tactics against Mr. Cardin.  The state of Maryland certainly deserves better.  

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