02 June 2011

Peoples vs. Bank Robber

What happens when a combat vet home on leave encounters a bank robber who then threatens the vet's kids?  Typically, the robber gets the spank down, and that's what happened.  

Army Staff Sargent Eddie Peoples stopped at a bank before taking his boys on a fishing trip where said thug was encountered.  Thug was dumb enough to threaten the kids of a soldier who has probably cleared rooms in the bad areas of Baghdad and disarmed insurgents, meaning that a man with a fake pistol wasn't all that difficult to spank into submission.  (Read the article for the detailed take down, as the thug certainly qualifies for a Darwin award for stupidity, only difference was he didn't die). 

I'm sure somewhere, some sad panda pacifist is crying in their Wheaties thinking that this guy took a chance he didn't need to and that he could have been a statistic.  It is just a shame he can't even be counted amongst the concealed carry permit holders in helping to thwart crimes in progress.  Certainly Peoples' actions deserved a commendation from the police department, and not to detract from his bravery, but does the same thing happen for those who pack?  I doubt it. 

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