02 June 2011

Mr. Holder, Shouldn't You be Running the Justice Department?

And shouldn't you be managing your own BATFE and getting to the bottom of project Fast and Furious instead of running HBO and pitching new episodes (or perhaps a movie) of The Wire

This man heads the justice department but is kind enough to consider himself the latest CEO of a cable subscription channel?  If Mr. Holder wants The Wire back on the air, perhaps he could start writing the script and casting the acting slots.  Certainly he has enough time to multi-task between Fast & Furious gate or Black Panther gate to write the scripts, no?  If that's not the case, shouldn't he be helping states rid themselves of the illegal immigration problems they have?

If it is not apparent to you now, it probably never will be, but it is quite obvious that the current executive branch administration is only in this for two things: 1) Personal gain, both financially and political power wise, 2) To absolutely destroy anything with any shred of our founding as to remake us into their ideals. 

Now, Mr. Holder, would you please leave the Justice Department and start directing that new The Wire movie?  I'm sure the BATFE would thank you for getting the heat off of them that way they can go back to more Waco's and Ruby Ridge's like their sister organization instead of the current international incidents. 

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