26 July 2010

Bloggers are the "Worst of the Internet?" Nice Try CNN, but Not Quite

Let us correct what the true meaning of John Roberts comments are:  "The truly nasty side of the internet is the right-wing nutjob bloggers who have finally been allowed to have an outlet for their pent up frustrations.  How dare they talk out against their overlord media and call into question our integrity and 'journalistic' qualities.  We report the news, they hide behind pseudonyms.  Not like they matter much at all, because they are non-impacting upon the 'real news' that the likes of this network reports."

First off Mr. Roberts, if us bloggers don't really matter, why are you talking about us?  Talking about us only gives us the credibility that some of us desire.  I for one know that in reality, those who read my comments are mainly friends and family, and fellow bloggers and message board members who primarily share the same political philosophies as myself.

We also know that you hate the fact that someone on some blog happened to provide Mr. Breitbart with the "inconveniently edited" tape of Ms. Sherrod's NAACP comments so your contempt for the exposure of a hypocritical liberal organization is so great, that it is impossible for you to hide your true meaning. CNN and Mr. Roberts dislikes the fact that despite Ms. Sherrod's come to Jesus moment, her actions as a public official were still rooted in racism.  As soon as she decided to not do her duties to the fullest extent possible, based on skin color alone, she had perpetuated the prejudice that the NAACP claims to fight against.  While I personally applaud Ms. Sherrod for admitting the failures of her human kind, as a public employee, she is held to a high standard of personal integrity.  Did that standard warrant a firing?  Probably not, but, the fact remains that she openly admitted that some people will discriminate within their government positions based on race and race alone.  Dr. King, Jesus, and God, don't see color, last I checked, but some of their decedents certainly do.  

Does the expose of Ms. Sherrod and the subsequent exposure of shoddy editing and portrayal in the "pajama-media" deserve a full on excoriation of the First Amendment?  Absolutely not!  If we need an FCC sheriff of the internet, then so too does the alphabet media.  Most of the "right-wing blogosphere" is motivated by nothing more than a relentless search for the truth with an underlying moral background to seek the truth and the justice that follows.  Most of us merely opine and direct people to "real" new sources, that actually report the facts that we seek.  We also know that the right-wing side of the blogosphere is under strict scruitiny from the likes of CNN and Mr. Roberts.   Unlike the dino-media cohorts who have to redact and edit past articles for their false statements, untruthfulness, and then subsequent flushing of these correct items down the memory hole all, we follow our hearts for the truth not for their hidden agendas.  I'd think that we [bloggers] are the gatekeepers that Mr. Roberts would actually like to see monitoring the "monitors" of the free society and it's internet.

In summation, Mr. Roberts, we'll keep our free internet, blogs, and the inconvenient truth, you can keep the change. 

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