26 July 2010

SHTF Preparation: State funding for EMT's Drugs Victim of Budget Cuts

Not that most of us will be able to prepare for this, but ZeroHedge.com is reporting that EMT's "high priority" drugs are in short supplies.  Unfortunately, it appears that the FDA is also confirming this shortage as well.

Just further evidence of a decaying society wasting money on items it doesn't need.  It's hard to prepare for a lack of emergency services when you can't get your hands on the stuff that the professionals can't get their hands on.  Even if you were able to get a hold of trauma drugs it would not be in your best personal interest to use them without medical supervision.  Let's hope the manufacturing shortfall and/or budgetary problems play themselves out so people can get the emergency medical attention that they deserve. 

Never trust the state to do a man's work. 

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