26 July 2010

Update: Bloggers are the "Worst of the Internet?"

What's the problem Bob, loosing market share?  (Sorry, CBS won't embed with their shoddy html coding). 

It seems that we are seeing yet another coordinated media attack to smear and besmirch the innocent people the ruling elites despise.  Too bad Bob, we got the memo that you distrust us and don't like the fact that the country class is better informed and sometimes more knowledgeable than yourself (source).  Of course, it should be quite obvious that someone from CBS would "trash" bloggers considering your network's history of fine, upstanding reporting that happened to manufacture documents to trash a sitting President as a liar (GWB's Dan Rather-gate and the falsified docs "proving" GWB skipped on his National Guard duties). 

So, the ridicule you throw at the blogosphere is not only not warranted, but completely unfounded and hypocritical.  Most of us know that right-wing blog world is on the watch of the dino-media and we know damned well that we better be fact checking, making phone calls and Goolging our asses off to prevent liability lawsuits and slimy news reports against us.  Like I said of the CNN report, we are only looking for the truth, and the truth is that you can't hold our journalistic jock straps for passion, reality, and relevant-ism.  So put that in your Nelson reports and smoke it. 

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