26 July 2010

UN = UNAmerican: Renewed Push for Global Small Arms Treaty

Hey Rebecca Peters, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!  Or, in more American terms, PISS OFF!  That goes for the rest of the UNAmerican, ruling elites from the United Nations as well. 

The Washington Times has an editorial piece that states the UN is moving forward on a small arms limitation treaty that would impact private ownership of arms.  Today's story comes on the heals of an article by Chris Cox, NRA-ILA director, in the NRA monthly publications reporting that there is a new push by Senators such as Diane Feinstein and John Kerry to ratify the American Arms Treaty.  That 1997 treaty was signed by Bill Clinton and encompasses both North and South American countries.  It goes to show that gun grabbers are sneaky, sly, and subscribe to the "death by one thousand paper cuts" method in an effort to undermine the will of the "country class" whom they attempt to control. 

In the historical sense of the UN and it's predecessor the League of Nations, the intentions of these organizations is a full on frontal assault of the individual freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of these United States.  Furthering the disgust of the UN is the fact that almost every US President since Woodrow Wilson has attempted to use the UN to attack the freedoms enjoyed by our "country class" in one way or another.  To achieve these ends, the historically corrupt and immoral characters of the UN must undermine the full contractual obligation of the Constitution and it's protections adopted and enjoyed by the citizens of the United States.  That means, our country only.  Not the world, not Canada, not international waters, the US of frickin' A.  Yes, that is arrogant, but we are not world police.  We do not need the world's police thinking they know better than us, and protecting us from ourselves. 

As is pointed out in the Times' Editorial, this new treaty meeting is not only looking to target arms, but such 1st Amendment things like "violence in video games."  I know that the President and the Senate are supposed to understand the Constitution, but considering congress's 11% approval ratings these days, it's safe to say that the batnuts of the Halls of Liberty haven't a clue to understand that the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  Chris Cox pointed out in this month's NRA publications, that despite Constitutional supremacy, courts will look to the US State Department for guidance on how to implement foreign treaties.  So much for separation of powers as the Founders Intended. 

The good news is that this treaty is still in it's effective infancy.  While it's been in the works for several years, there has never been a proposed draft (at least as of Friday June 11th).  Last week, proposal outlines were released for public consumption for the first time (see here).  The proposed treaty isn't supposed to be complete or available for signing until the year 2012, at the earliest.  That means there is still plenty of time to replace every gun grabbing Senator and the radical President who would love nothing more than to see this effort come to fruition.  Further more, as Mr. Obama proved, there is no better sales person for arms than a radical in the White House, especially when he has friends in "low" places at the UN. 

So, UN gun grabbers, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

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